Family of immigrants from Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico.

The Arreola Family immigrated from Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico

to the United States seeking the American dream, and the opportunity for a better

tomorrow. That's when we realized that by introducing our traditional food from our Mexican roots, the dream would

come true. We are committed to produce only quality products. The beginning wasn't easy, we thrived and worked hard.

But we always had something in mind, that only by making excellent quality products and giving a good impression

to our customers, we would succeed. We have come a long way, and now our customers are all around the bay area, the place we first started our new home.

We are committed to make every product from scratch. We believe that our customers deserve to have a real Mexican traditional dish. We can only accomplish that by making our products the way we would in our home. Everything used to make our products is made daily from scratch to make sure we are serving only the best.